Introduction to SOLAS activities

SOLAS is an active project, with many different sorts of activities as listed below.

SOLAS has task teams set up which have the responsibility of conducting research surrounding specific scientific themes (see the SOLAS task team page). SOLAS has also a group set up to work on carbon research topics in cooperation with the project Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR) and the International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP). This group is named the SOLAS/IMBER Carbon group. This group is currently being redefined and more information will be available shortly.

In addition SOLAS is collaborating with scientific organisations on short and limited term (few years) topical projects such as the ones with the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) (see SCOR working groups page). Past collaborations with SCOR, the European Space Agency and the International Geosphere - Biosphere Programme are listed on the Past Activities page.

Besides the large SOLAS events such as the SOLAS Open Science Conferences and the SOLAS Summer Schools, SOLAS organises thematic workshops (see the SOLAS events page for future events and Events archive for past events).

SOLAS also endorses some projects which align closely with the SOLAS science plan (see the Project endorsement page). 

- last update August 2017 -