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Call for bids to host the 2019 SOLAS Open Science Conference


Bids are solicited to host the 2019 SOLAS Open Science Conference on biogeochemistry at the air-sea interface. Full bid submissions in pdf format are due by 11 June 2017 to the SOLAS International Project Office. Selection of the winning bid is expected by 30 June 2017. For information on previous SOLAS Open Science Conferences, click here.

General requirements

  • Preferred date of the conference are in February/March 2019
  • Submissions are encouraged from countries from the Southern Hemisphere
  • Conference duration is 3.5 days
  • Conference agenda
    o Morning plenary sessions – no simultaneous sessions
    o Afternoon poster sessions with all posters on display throughout the conference
    o Afternoon 3-4 parallel discussion sessions (2h30)
    o Conference banquet one evening for participants and accompanying persons
  • Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to organise morning and afternoon coffee breaks as well as on-site lunch everyday for all participants if possible.
  • Conference should continue the tradition of a strong emphasis on an Early Career Scientists Program, including support for early career scientists to attend the conference
  • Project meetings, which are to take place outside of the conference programme times, are to be encouraged. This will require additional meeting rooms for use by conference participants.

Bid submission requirements

A conference business plan should be submitted and include the following:

  • Designation of a professional conference organising company (if applicable)
  • Designations of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and its chair
  • Venue location and full description to meet the following requirements
    o The main conference room must accommodate approximately 300-350 participants with good viewing of speakers and good acoustics, including sound reinforcement as necessary
    o A location for posters (~300) that are to remain on display all week.
    o A coffee break area close to the posters area
    o On site lunch area for daily lunches for all participants, or other arrangement
    o Facilities for small meeting groups (minimum two smaller meeting rooms)
    o Free wireless internet throughout the venue
  • Lodging
    o Identify a sufficient number of rooms for all participants and accompanying persons close to the venue, ideally within walking distance
    o There should be a range of pricing, including suitable low-price lodging for students or participants with small travel budgets (e.g., those from developing countries)
    o Distances and transport options to the conference venue should be specified
  • Meals and coffee breaks
    o Coffee breaks to be provided twice a day
    o Lunch is to be provided on site for 3 days depending on schedule/venue
    o Conference Banquet is to be provided on one evening of the conference
    o Vegetarian options must be provided
  • Conference website and registration
    o SOLAS uses for its conferences the service of ‘Conference manager’, this system hosts the conference website, allows online registrations and abstracts submissions, as well as online payments of the registration fees at a cost. Another system may be used, in that case the bid should detail it.
  • Local information
    Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the participants. Information provided by the LOC is informational. Please include the following travel information.
    o Closest airport(s)
    o Distance from airport(s) to conference venue
    o Transport options to/from airport(s) to venue
    o Visa requirements and any travel restrictions to and within in the host country
    o Health and security aspects
  • Budget
    It comprises at least the costs for the following items:
    o professional conference organising company if any
    o venue
    o any transportation that will be provided by the LOC
    o coffee breaks and lunches (if applicable)
    o conference banquet
    o conference materials (printed materials, name badges, USB sticks, etc.)
    Revenue is expected to be generated from the following:
    o Registration fees should be calculated. This fee is to include coffee breaks, lunches (if applicable) and conference banquet. Fees are different for scientists and early career scientists and for developed and developing countries.
    o Scientific organizations/funding agencies
    o Other sources (e.g. donations from individuals, industry, foundations, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: The costs and financial risks of the 2019 SOLAS Open Science Conference are the responsibility of the LOC. The conference surplus, if any, will be sent to SOLAS to be used for the next conference or SOLAS activities being outcomes of the conference. The budget for the conference should be undertaken in a transparent manner with regular updates to SOLAS.

  • Other issue and options, which the LOC should address are:
    o Initiative to make the conference “green”
    o What to do and see in the vicinity of the conference
    o Childcare options for participants’ children


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