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Scientific Steering Committee


The SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) represents a broad spectrum of disciplines and nationalities, and includes both mid-career and senior scientists. The continuing success of SOLAS relies on the input of its engaged members.

The SSC members are responsible for providing scientific guidance to, and overseeing the development, planning and implementation of the SOLAS project. They are tasked to communicate on ongoing SOLAS activities and to encourage the publication and dissemination of SOLAS science results. They are also expected to communicate with the SOLAS International Office regularly on various issues.

The SSC members meet physically in average and at least once per year for a 3-day SSC meeting. The last SSC meeting took place in Qingdao, China, on 24-26 October 2016. See photo.

The SSC members are appointed by the four SOLAS parent programmes, WCRP, SCOR, iCACGP and Future Earth for a first term of 3 years, renewable once. The term of reference of an SSC member can be found under this link.

Group photo from the 2016 SSC meeting in Qingdao (H. Gao, B. Ward, E. Urban, M. Uematsu, H. Tanimoto, VVSS Sarma, L. Miller, P. Minnett, V. Garçon, M. Levasseur, P. Boyd, T. Kiefer, E. Breviere, I. Koren)

2017 Committee members:

Véronique Garçon (France). SOLAS SSC Chair
Expertise: Marine bgc and ecosystem dynamics

Emmanuel Boss (USA)
Expertise: Ocean optics and bgc

Philip Boyd (Australia)
Expertise: ocean and atm iron bgc, marine
geoeng., multi stressors and phytopl. processes

Erik van Doorn (Germany) (NEW)
Expertise: Law of the Sea

Anja Engel (Germany)
Expertise: Microbial bgc, sea surface microlayer

Cristina Facchini (Italy) (Exec Cmt member)
Expertise: physical and chemical processes
in multiphase atm. systems

Hui-wang Gao (China)
Expertise: Atm. deposition and ecological effect

Michelle Graco (Peru)
Expertise: Bgc cycles in upwelling systems

Ilan Koren (Israel) (Exec Cmt member)
Expertise: Clouds physics



Maurice Levasseur (Canada) (Exec Cmt member)
Expertise: Ocean bgc, dimethylsulfide,
Arctic, ice algae

Peter Minnett (USA)
Expertise: Air-sea physical interaction

Jun Nishioka (Japan) (NEW)
Expertise: Oc. trace metal bgc cycle,
polar oceanog. and sea-ice bgc

Anna Rutgersson (Sweden) (NEW)
Expertise: Air-sea physical interaction

Alfonso Saiz-Lopez (Spain) IGAC liaison
Expertise: Atm. halogens/ modeling

VVSS Sarma (India)
Expertise: Bgc cycling of C and N, stable isotopic
geochemistry (C,N,O,S,H)/ocean acidification

Parvadha Suntharalingam (UK)
Expertise: numerical modeling and Biogeochemical
cycles of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur

Guiling Zhang (China) (NEW)
Expertise: Biogeochemistry of trace gases


- last update February 2017 -