In February 2011, the European Space Agency (ESA) opened a call "Support To Science Element (STSE)", an element of the Earth Observation Envelop Program (EOEP-3) to both public and private institutions. The SOLAS community submitted one proposal to each of the ESA call and was successful with three themes. Two projects ended and the following is still ongoing.


OceanFlux Greenhouse Gases Evolution project:

Acronym: OceanFlux GHG Evolution (Oceanflux Greenhouse Gases Evolution)
Duration: 24 months
Total grant: 300 000 Euros
Endinging date: Nov 2017
Principal Investigator and co-PI: Jamie Shutler (UoE), David Woolf (HWU), Bertrand Chapron (IFREMER), Andy Watson (UoE), Phil Nightingale (PML), Jacek Piskozub (IOPAN), Lonneke Goddijn-Murphy (ERI).
Report: see website

A workshop took place 6-9 September 2016 in Brest, France, entitled 'Air-Sea Gas Flux : Progress and Future Prospects'. Poster and presentations are available at
The report is available here.

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