SOLAS update

  • SOLAS was pleased to release its new SOLAS 2015-2025 Science Plan and Organisation in February.
    Read, enjoy and share! bit.ly/SOLASSPO

  • A flyer informing about the new science plan is available to download here. If you wish to receive few copies of the printed flyer and promote SOLAS, please email the SOLAS IPO.

  • SOLAS released version 1 of its live web-based Implementation Strategy. Available at bit.ly/ImpStrat. Version 2 is already under prep!

  • SOLAS welcomed four new Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) members in 2017: Anna Rutgersson, Guiling Zhang, Erik van Doorn and Jun Nishioka. Complete list of SSC members available here.

  • The next SSC meeting will take place in Bologna, Italy on 19-21 June 2017.

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  • A SOLAS Summer School is under preparation for 23 July to 3 August 2018 in Cargese, Corsica, France. The website is under construction. In the meantime you can register your interest here.
    By subscribing to this mailing list you will receive information about the Summer School as soon as they become available.
    Note that this list is intended to applicants, e.g. essentially PhD students, eventually Master and postdocs.

  • The 30 national SOLAS representatives have been asked by the SOLAS IPO to send a report on the SOLAS-related activities that took place in 2016 in the country they represent and on future activities. Please get in touch with you national representative. The list of countries with a national representative is available here.

  • In February, the SOLAS IPO welcomed a school pupil for a week and showed her what an Ocean Research Institute has to offer and what a project like SOLAS is. Read more here.


Upcoming deadlines


  • 4th African Discovery Camp for Research-based Training in Science, Namibia, 13 April -12 May 2017.
    Apply by 10 March at bit.ly/2mE9TE7

  • 2017 Joint IAPSO-IAMAS-IAGA Assembly, Cape Town, South Africa, 27 August - 1 September 2017.
    Submit an abstract by 12 March to sessions M01: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics for the 21st Century and M06: Oceans as a source and sink for aerosols and related feedbacks

  • Workshop 'Frontiers in ocean-atmosphere exchange: Air-sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy', Cargese, France, 15-18 May 2017. SOLAS WORKSHOP
    Submit an abstract by 15 March at bit.ly/2l8av7M

  • WCRP/IOC conf on Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts,  NY, USA, 10-14 July 2017.
    Register by 15 March at sealevel2017.org

  • 10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, Interlaken, Switzerland, 21-25 August 2017.
    Submit an abstract by 15 March at bit.ly/ICDC10

  • 3rd Blue Planet Symposium, College Park, Maryland, USA, 31 May-2 June 2017.
    ubmit an abstract by 15 March at http://bit.ly/2lkiEkK

  • POGO-PML AMT Fellowship 2017.
    Apply by 31 March at ocean-partners.org/pogo-pml-amt-f


Report on the Ocean Acidification Training and Community Networking in Africa: Pathways to Success, 13-16 Feb 2017, Dakar, Senegal

Training and networking events on ocean acidification took place for the first time in West Africa at Dakar (Senegal). The events were organized by Future Earth Coasts with the support of KOSMOS Energy, SOLAS, MaREI, OA-ICC, IRD, to name a few, represented by participants of the events.

The training workshop assembled 15 participants from Senegal, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, and Cote d’Ivoire, and 6 trainers coming from France, Sweden, USA, Spain and South Africa. Lectures and discussions covered an introduction to oceanic conditions off West Africa, the goal and urgency to study ocean acidification, as well as the chemistry involved in the acidification of the ocean and its impacts on marine biodiversity. Theory was about ocean acidification, measurement techniques, design of relevant acidification experiments, and manipulations in the field and in the laboratory. One day field trip was organized for practical training where aquarium experiments of ocean acidification were built up in real time. The trainees received their certificates of completion.

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Next to the training, a networking event took also place with interactions with the training participants on plenary sessions. About 17 networking participants were coming from Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Algeria, Togo, Benin, Egypt, Madagascar, Senegal, and South Africa. Presentations and discussions took place for developing the OA-Africa network and knowledge exchange on operational outcomes and identification of current needs (resources and capacity), identification of collaboration opportunity including funding, and of outputs and avenues for dissemination in Africa. Plans for white papers were presented to define current knowledge of OA-Africa and next steps forward. A steering committee involving researchers from Africa was then designed to provide guidance and direction of the network.

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A dinner event was hosted where a range of NGOs, practitioners and government officials from Senegal was invited along with the scientists. This event recognised the importance of involving organisations and stakeholders based in Senegal who can provide important in-country context, expertise, and experience. This dinner event provided an opportunity to connect to researchers, NGOs, and government officials in Senegal who are working tirelessly to manage environmental and ocean resources with scientists and students working on ocean acidification across Africa.

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  • Donate to train ocean scientists in developing countries at bit.ly/2ifUR3U

  • Ocean Knowledge-Action Network (KAN) scoping workshop, December 2016, Kiel, Germany.
    The workshop summary is available here.

  • IMBER has a new logo and a new name: IMBeR = Integrated Marine Biosphere Research, reflecting focus on ocean sustainability under global change to benefit society


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