SOLAS update

  • National reports are available for activities of 2016 and future plans.
    Since early April, another 7 reports are available online: Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Italy, USA, New Zealand and Israel.

  • SOLAS welcomes Sarah Fawcett as new National Representative of Southern Africa and thanks Carl Palmer for having initiated this network and run it for few years.
  • Download the first issue of our SOLAS event report. This first issue reports on the two GESAMP WG38 workshops, that took place in parallel late February in Norwich, UK. All comments to improve the reports or the layout are welcome.
    Future issues will report on the ocean acidification training and networking events in Africa, that took place in Dakar, Senegal mid February and on the annual meeting of BEPSII, that took place early April in La Jolla, USA. In the meantime, enjoy reading the article on BEPSII published in January in the PICES Newsletter.

files/solas-int/content/downloads/Announcement/BEPSII annual meeting.jpg
Small group photo of the BEPSII Annual Meeting
Participants in La Jolla, USA

  • A SOLAS Summer School is under preparation for 23 July to 3 August 2018 in Cargese, Corsica, France. The website is under construction. In the meantime you can register your interest here.
    By subscribing to this mailing list you will receive information about the Summer School as soon as they become available. Note that this list is intended to applicants, e.g. essentially PhD students, eventually Master and postdocs.

  • SOLAS is searching for a Project Officer to be based in Xiamen, China to assist the International Project Office, Kiel, Germany. Find the description of the position and how to apply here. Closing date: 31 May 2017.

  • SOLAS is calling for bids to host the 2019 SOLAS Open Science Conference (OSC). Read the call here. Deadline to submit your bid is 11 June. Click here to have an overview of the last two SOLAS OSCs. For questions do not hesitate to contact the SOLAS IPO. Countries from the southern hemisphere are encouraged to bid.
  • Apply to be a SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee member

    SOLAS is calling for applications from scientists to serve on its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) from January 2018. The SSC is the body responsible for overseeing SOLAS activities. Scientists serve on the SSC initially for a term of three years. Four positions are available for this call in four specific areas of the SOLAS 2015-2025 Science Plan and Organisation. Application deadline is 1st June. More here

  • SOLAS is co-sponsor of the 4th International Symposium on 'The Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans', Washington DC, USA, 4-8 June 2018.
    Submit a session proposal by 9 June at http://bit.ly/2oljFzB
    **Please inform the SOLAS IPO if you propose a SOLAS-related session.**
  • SOLAS is co-sponsor of the international conference 'Shipping and the environment- From Regional to Global Perspectives', 24-25 October 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. This conference is focussing on the environmental impact of shipping and its importance within policy, marine spatial planning and the maritime transport sectors. More info here.
    Submit an abstract by 11 June here
  • Following the conference, a one-day workshop is organised on 26 October, with the aim to develop plans for SOLAS research focusing on shipping, and to bring together groups of researchers keen to contribute to this research. More info here.
    Register your interest by sending this form filled up to David Turner by email.



Upcoming deadlines


  • International Conference on «Atmospheric Chemical and Biological Processes: Interactions and Impacts», Clermont-Ferrand, France, 19-21 June 2017.
    Register by 5 May at https://atmochembio.sciencesconf.org/
  • Special issue of Marine Policy on plastic pollution
    Send your 200-word abstract by 15 May to express your interest in contributing. More info here.
  • 4th International Conference on Earth System Modelling, Hamburg, Germany, 28 August-1 September 2017.
    Submit an abstract by 15 May at http://www.4icesm.eu/
  • Ocean Carbon Hot Spots Workshop: Biophysical Drivers of Carbon Uptake in Western Boundary Current Regions, Moss Landing, CA, USA, 25-26 September 2017.
    Submit an abstract by 19 May at http://bit.ly/2oSvfOV
  • 2017 OCB Summer Science Workshop, Woods Hole, MA, USA, 26-29 June 2017.
    Register by 20 May at http://bit.ly/2nrKxd8

  • Funding opportunity for foresight workshops and EuroMarine Working Groups
    Submit a proposal by 31 May at http://bit.ly/2n9rUxn
  • NF-POGO Fellowship for on-board training for FRidge Cruise 2017
    Submit an application by 31 May at http://bit.ly/2pvnWQY
  • IMBeR IMBIZO 5: Marine biosphere research for a sustainable ocean: Linking ecosystems, future states and resource management, Woods Hole, MA, USA, 2-5 October 2017
    Submit an abstract by 31 May at http://bit.ly/2oPAIVH


  • 26th Annual Meeting of the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) on 'Environmental Changes in the North Pacific and Impacts on Biological Resources and Ecosystem Services', Vladivostok, Russia, 21 September- 1 October 2017.
    Submit an abstract by 1 June at http://bit.ly/2q09IEM
  • Funding opportunity from Future Earth for biodiversity research for global sustainability via the Program for Early-stage Grants Advancing Sustainability Science (PEGASuS)
    Submit a proposal by 5 June. More info here.
  • Gordon Research Conference in Chemical Oceanography, New London, NH, USA, 23-28 July 2017.
    Register by 25 June at http://bit.ly/2k61prU
  • Gordon Research Conference in Climate Engineering, Newry, ME, USA, 23-28 July 2017.
    Register by 25 June at http://bit.ly/2qzsNgC


  • Read this article from Elementa:Science of the Anthropocene on interesting case studies of successful integrated ocean science research efforts by natural and social scientists. http://bit.ly/2pcagJA
  • Flick though some newsletters:
    • 2nd Newsletter of the Biogeochemical-Argo programme here
    • 28th issue of the quaterly POGO Newsletter here
    • April 2017 OCB eNewsletter here
    • April 2017 WCRP News here
    • IOCCP conveyor No37 April 2017 here
  • The workshop report from the '2nd air-sea gas flux: Progress and Future prospects workshop’ is now available here.
    The report includes an overview of the workshop, key conclusions from oral presentations, and minutes and conclusions from the open discussion sessions.
  • Mark your agenda: 2018 Gordon Research Conference (and Seminar) on Ocean Biogeochemistry, Hong Kong, 8-13 July 2018. http://bit.ly/2mJVKo1


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