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SOLAS Open Science Conference update

  • The conference programme has been finalised!
    Check dates and times of plenary talks, discussion
    sessions, and poster sessions here.

  • Registration is still open until 28 February!

  • The acceptance of abstracts, discussion sessions,
    and travel funds has been notified.

  • Please contact the SOLAS IPO no later
    than 28 February if you need supporting documents
    for your visa application.

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Geoengineering workshop at the SOLAS Open Science Conference

SOLAS at the Fourth Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environmental Sciences (XMAS IV)

SOLAS co-sponsored the XMAS IV which took place from January 6th to 9th 2019 in Xiamen, China.
Guiling Zhang, Huiwang Gao, Mohd Talib Latif, Jun Nishioka, Senchao Lai, and Bingbing Wang convened a session on 'Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study - Air-Sea interactions and their climatic and environmental impacts' at the syposium.
A SOLAS event report will follow on the session.
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(c) Li Li

SOLAS Welcomes Two New SSC Members

At the start of 2019, SOLAS welcomed two new members to its Scientific Steering Committee

  Anoop S. Mahajan received his PhD in atmospheric chemistry at the University of Leeds, UK and after working as a  postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate, CSIC, Spain, he has been working  at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology since 2012. His research group focuses on the measurement and  modelling of trace gases in the atmosphere. Most of his work has been on the emissions of halogens and volatile  organic compounds from the ocean surface and the impact they have on the atmosphere in terms of changing the oxidising capacity and affecting the radiation budget through aerosol formation. He has co-authored more than 50 papers on halogen, dimethyl suphide and volatile organic carbon chemistry.

  Jurgita Ovadnevaite graduated from Vilnius University, Lithuania, in 2001 and received Ph.D. in natural sciences in 2007. Her present work, as a leader of Aerosol Mass Spectrometry unit at Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies (C-CAPS) and School of Physics NUIG, Ireland, is focused on elucidating the aerosol production, nature, dispersion and impacts on climate and air quality. She is co-PI and/or activity leader on a number of major Irish, EU and ESA projects: AEROSOURCE, BACCHUS, ACTRIS, ACTRIS-2, OSSA, COST-COLOSSAL. Jurgita publishes her research in high profile international journals (Nature, GRL, JGR, Nature Scientific Reports, ACP, AMT etc.) and acts there as a reviewer. Publications: 47; h-index: 15.

The OCB Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Subcommittee selected for OCB funding in 2019-2020.

The OCB Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Subcommittee has been selected as one of the three funded activities for OCB funding in 2019-2020.

More information on this subcommittee here.

Upcoming deadlines


  • PAGES' deadlines: 
    • Propose a new PAGES' working group to address a paleoscience question in an internationally coordinated way by 14 February 2019. More information here.
    • Apply to serve on PAGES SSC from January 2020 by 14 February 2019. More information here.
    • Apply for PAGES' workshop/meeting support by 14 February 2019. More information here.
    • Express interest in hosting PAGES’ Open Science Meeting (OSM) and Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) 2021 by 28 February 2019. More information here.
  • The 27th IUGG General Assembly, 8-18 July 2019, Montréal, Québec, Canada.
    Abstract submission by 18 February 2019 here. Please pay attention to the below sessions:
    • M08 - Air Quality in the Changing Anthropocene
      Convener: John P. Burrows (Germany)
      Co-conveners: James Drummond (Canada), Melita Keywood (Australia)
    • M09 - The Arctic in the 21st Century: A Hotbed of Global Change
      Conveners: James Drummond (Canada), Paul Kushner (Canada)
    • JM02 - Anthropogenic changes in Chemistry and Physics of the Atmosphere: Evidence and Attribution Studies (IAMAS, IAVCEI, IAG)
      Convener: John P. Burrows (Germany, IAMAS)
      Co-Conveners: Maria Kanakidou (Greece, IAMAS), Franco Tassi (Italy, IAVCEI), Isabelle Panet (France, IAG)
    • P02 - Physics and biogeochemistry of semi-enclosed, shelf seas, and coastal zones
      Convener: Peter Zavialov (Russia)
      Co-Conveners: Jianping Gan (China), Osmar Moller Jr (Brazil), Katrin Schroeder (Italy)
    • P09 - Marine biogeochemistry through time: nutrient, trace metal, oxygen, and carbon cycling in the past, present and future
      Convener: Kate Hendry (UK)
      Co-Conveners: Zanna Chase (Australia), Katja Fennel (Canada), Patrick Rafter (USA)
  • Call for Breakout Session Leads and Proposals for the OceanObs’19. Submit your nominations and proposals by 20 February 2019. More information here.
  • Call for EGU Galileo Conference proposals. Apply by 28 February 2019 here.
  • International Symposium on Marine Socio-Ecological Systems, 25-29 May 2019, Yokohama, Japan. Call for session proposals by 28 February 2019 here.
  • TPOS 2020 Second Report is ready for review. The report and the reviewer template are available here. Comments should be received by 28 February 2019.



  • Training call from the NF-POGO Centre of Excellence 2019-2020 that offers training in the observational oceanography field. Submit an application by 1 March 2019 here.
  • The 6th African Discovery Camp for Research-based Training for the Sustainable Use and Management of Marine Ecosystems and their Resources, 28 April-24 May 2019, Namibia. Apply by 10 March 2019 here.
  • The 4th Atmospheric Composition and Asian Monsoon Workshop, 26-28 June 2019, and the 3rd training school, 24-25 June 2019, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi, Malaysia. Abstract submission by 15 March 2019. More information here.
  • IGAC calls nominations and self-nominations to its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC). Nominations will be accepted until 15 March 2019. Contact the IGAC Executive Officer, Megan L. Melamed for more information..
  • Goldschmidt 2019, 18-23 August 2019, Barcelona, Italy. Abstract submission by 29 March 2019 here.
  • Call for Wooster Award and PICES Ocean Monitoring Service Award nominations for PICES-2019. Submit a nomination by 31 March 2019.


  • Upcoming events

    • The OCB Summer Workshop 2019, 24-27 June 2019, Woods Hole, MA, USA. More details here.
    • Gordon Research Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry: New Science in Air Quality and Climate from Charney to AR6, 28 July-2 August 2019, Newry, ME, USA. More information here.
    • CCMI Summer School, 4-6 August 2019, CCMI Science Workshop, 7-9 August 2019, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. More information here.
    • International Glaciology Society (IGS) Sea Ice Symposium, 19-23 August 2019, Winnipeg, Canada. More information here.
    • The American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAS) 37th Annual Conference, 14-18 October 2019, Portland, OR, USA. Save the date.
  • Published literature

    • The Winter Issue of PICES Press (Vol. 27 No. 1) is available here.

  • Funding opportunities

    • The H2020 ASSEMBLE Plus marine biological infrastructure access call opens until 17 February 2019, which offers funded access to PhD students, postdocs, researchers, or engineers to carry out short-term marine research in the consortium's marine biological stations. More information here.
    • The Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans) launched a call for research proposals on microplastics in the marine environment. The deadline for proposals submission is 28 February 2019. More details here.
    • MarTERA ERA-NET Co-fund, a partnership between JPI Oceans and former ERA-NET MARTEC funded under EU-H2020, opens the 2019 call for transnational research and innovation projects on marine and maritime technologies. Deadline for submissions of pre-proposals is 29 March 2019. More information here.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Invitation for collaboration on autonomous measurement of N-loss in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific oxygen deficient zones. More information here.
    • Applications are being accepted for the next PICES Executive Secretary until 15 June 2019. More information here.
    • Call for a New Executive Director for the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR). Apply by 1 April 2019. Details here.
    • SCOR WG 146 has published four lectures on marine radiochemistry. Click here to access these lectures.
    • The Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) have developed a series of Marine Data and Science e-lectures on ocean primary productivity, the carbon cycle, and ocean acidification. Access the lectures here.
  • Flick though some newsletters

    • CATCH Newsletter: February 2019 here
    • GEOTRACES January 2019 - eNEWSLETTER n°32 here
    • IIOE-2 Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 1 January 2019 here
    • IMBeR enews January 2019 here
    • Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemisty eNewsletter February 7, 2019  here
    • PAGES - Past Global Changes - e-news, vol. 2019, no. 2 here
    • SPARC eNews  January 2019 here



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